Attendance and Term Dates



We believe that good attendance is essential if children are to take full advantage of school and gain the educational and social skills which will equip them for life. The school aims to achieve good attendance by operating an attendance policy where staff, pupils, parents and the Local Attendance Officer can work in partnership. We will monitor attendance and work quickly to solve any identified problems. The staff will encourage good attendance and will liaise with families and other agencies when this is appropriate. Good attendance is seen as an achievement in its own right.
We know that when children miss school, they miss out on so much learning and special times with their friends.  

Our target for good attendance is 97%, the table below shows clearly how a few days of absence can really make a difference to this percentage. However, we know that by working together, ensuring children are in school each day (unless they are unwell), they will not miss out on vital learning experiences.




If your child is ill, please ring the Office on the first day of absence. If you do not ring us, we will ring you to ensure your child is safe. If you need to pick your child up during the day for an appointment, you must come to the school office to sign your child out of school.
As you will be aware there are strict guidelines which we must follow when authorising absence. Please see our Attendance and Punctuality Policy.

Use this Leave of Absence Request Form if you wish to request term time off for your child.

Do I need to keep my child off school?

Please follow the link above for useful advice on childhood illnesses.  

Term Dates 2024/2025





1(38 days)

Wednesday 4th September 2024

Friday 25th October 2024

2 (35 days)

Monday 4th November 2024

Friday 20th December 2024

3 (30 days)

Monday 6th January 2025

Friday 14th February 2025

4 (30 days)

Monday 24th February 2025

Friday 4th April 2025

5 (23 days)

Tuesday 22nd April 2025

Friday 23rd May 2025

6 (39 days)

Monday 2nd June 2025

Thursday 24th July 2025


Inset days (2024-25) Wednesday 4th September, Friday 4th October, Monday 4th November, Monday 30th June, final INSET day to be confirmed


Term Dates 2023/2024

Term Start Finish

Monday 4th September 2023 _INSET day -children back in school on Tuesday 5th September  Friday 27th October 2023


Monday 6th November 2023 - INSET day - children back in school on Tuesday 7th November Friday 22nd December 2023


Monday 8th January 2024 Friday 16th February 2024


Monday 26th February 2024 Thursday 28th March 2024


Monday 15th April 2024 Friday 24th May 2024


Monday 3rd June 2024

Tuesday 23rd July 2024

INSET days - Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd July


Inset days (2023-2024):-Monday 4th September, Monday 6th November, Friday 28th June, Monday 22nd July and Tuesday 23rd July 

If you are booking a holiday please check our latest newsletter or website calendar as school holiday dates can change.

Should the school have to close for any reason we will always endeavour to place a notice on the Derbyshire County Council website as well as inform parents via the text messaging service.

More information regarding term dates can be found on the Derbyshire County Council website