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Falcons Class

Year 5 and Year 6

Mrs Green, Mrs Hadfield (TA), Mrs Williams (TA)

Inspire:  "We are inspired to do what we want to do in later life"

World War 2 Project in Falcons Class     

"Interesting curriculum, staff very helpful. My daughter is doing well"  Parent questionnaire May 2019   

"Falcons class have created some wonderful projects representing different aspects of World War 2. These include: baking cakes, biscuits and vegetable pies; creating models and making ration boxes to name but a few. The children really enjoyed being creative. Here are just a few examples and I'm sure you'll agree, they look fabulous!"

Mrs Green  

London Landmark Project

London Project Autumn Term 2019    

"Preparing year 6 for SATs with appropriate workbooks. Both my children are extremely happy at the school and progressing very well, which shows the high     standards of teaching."     Parent questionnaire May 2019    

Science Topic Asexual Plant Reproduction Investigation

Science - Human Body

Human Body - Falcons Class  November 2019

Forest School 

 Making Ice Decorations  January 2020