Falcons Class

Year 5 and Year 6

Mr Allen

 Mrs Pepper TA

Inspire:  "We are inspired to do what we want to do in later life"

Falcons London Trip September 2023

Falcons class had a day trip to London on the 21st September 2023.  Falcons had a visit to the Houses of Parliament where they learnt about our parliamentry system and then had a debate chosen by the children in a workshop delievered by the Westminster Education Department.  The day finished with the class enjoying a ride on the London Eye, linking to their book 'The London Eye Mystery'

Below are are recounts of the day by the children and a slideshow.

The Houses of Parliament by Grace

Parliament Square

We saw some of the statues and we saw a very famous statue called Churchhill, a girl ; her name is Emmeline Penhurst a English suffragette. 

The Houses of Parliament

We got handed some headphones and a recorder so the guide does not need to shout. We got to the central lobby then we went to the House of Commons there was some scaffolding there.  Did you know that the king is not allowed in the House of Commons but he is allowed in the House of Lords? We got in the great hall Harry Potter was filmed in Westminster and Henry VIII had ball and event there and he had a big fireplace in the middle of it.

We went to the House of Lords and there was a debate going on.

When we where in the workshop we had to make a law it had go to Commons then Lords, it was like ping pong!

Then we went to the London Eye you could see Big Ben, the Shard, the Gherkin and Buckingham Palace. 

Then we went on the coach it took four hours to get back and we had a McDonalds. 

The Houses of Parliament by Amelia

We had lunch outside of the House of Parliament in Victorian Gardens next to the River Thames. Then we walked to Parliament Square were there were loads of old statues of prime ministers. We then went to the Education Centre. We had to go through security to keep everyone safe. We had to wear headphones so we could hear Gorge our guide. Then we had a tour around The Houses of Parliament. First, we walked outside of it and went into a secret entrance. We then walked to the main lobby which is the oldest and most open spaced part of parliament. We then went into the House of Commons, where they propose new laws. We then went to the House of Lords; were they make changes to laws. We saw peers talking about Ukraine. We then walked back to the education centre to do a workshop. We were going to have a debate. We chose that we would do it on school but we had to decide what to debate about. We finally decided that we would do it about 'Should children be allowed an extra weekend?' I was the Prime Minister. We debated with opposition side and we decided that our side won. So the law went to the House of Lords and it was a bit like Ping Pong until the law was agreed.

The London Eye by Erin

The echo of our footsteps and tumescent feet reverberated amongst the vibrant and picturesque terraces. Next, we swiftly passed the queue. Mild Adrenaline partly flooded our veins, you only have a thirty second window to access the eye-it does not stop! We (all) entered, one of the thirty-two capsules. The pod was oval shaped with a clear view of; Wembley stadium, the place of Westminster, Nelson’s column and many, many more. Gingerly we ascended metre by metre. Until, we reached the highest point-there was a second of silence (well a millisecond). Then we began our plummet. We dwindled in height. It was like coming back to earth. Minutes, went like second and before we knew it… Once again, we were on the streets of London.


Year 6 Forest School

Our Year 6 Falcons had a fabulous last session in our Forest School.


Basketball Final 8th March 2023

On the 8th March 2023, nine pupils from Middleton went on a mini bus to Alfreton leisure centre to compete in the Derbyshire County Championships in basketball. We went against the teams: St Marys, South Wingfield, Westhouse and Crich Carr.

We lost the first two games but won the last two (one of them by a sudden death shoot out), which made us finish in third place. Everyone played really wel and were supportive of each other. We were all really proud of where we placed and overall, we all really enjoyed it!

By Zofia, Viivi and Skyla


Whitehall 2022 

The children had a fantastic time.  They challenged themselves, built independence skills, became more confident, collaborated well in their groups and had lots and lots of fun!  

"Both the children like the opportunity to play and do school work outside in the field and wooded area. These occasions are regularly mentioned when asking about their days at schoolParent questionnaire May 2021