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Year 5/6 Football final   

"Everything!"  Response to 'Please tell us what you think the school is doing well'' Parent questionnaire May 2021   

Basketball Tournament 

Thank you to Anthony Gell for this opportunity. 

Middleton community primary school came 4th. 

The first match we lost 6-0 to Osmaston A. We tried our hardest but we still lost. They were a very good side, who seemed to of practised a lot (they were Mr Allen’s old school!) 

The second match we won 4-0 to Osmaston B, they tried their hardest, but we dominated possession and had a lot of shots. Kye scored all of the baskets.    

The third match we drew 0-0 to Ashbourne Primary, we had more possession but they had a lot of shots. Ashbourne deserved to win but we were the under dogs. 

The forth match we lost 6-2 to Lea A, they were a good side and we didn’t play very well. 

The 5th match we lost 8-6 to Lea B, we played better and dominated possession, but they had a lot of shots. 

Thank you again to Anthony Gell and the referees for this opportunity.    

 By Oliver and Kallum 


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