1. Curriculum


Value:  "We value friendship"        

London Project Falcons Class 2019  

My child is always happy to come to school and is always in a good mood and says he has had a good day.  Parent questionairre May 2019     

Through our creative book based curriculum we aim to provide children with experiences that encourage initiative, creativity and respect for others. Our school recognises, articulates and celebrates achievement in its widest sense. We encourage equality of opportunity for our children. We know that children perform best when they feel valued, respected and know what is expected of them. We believe that part of our role as educators and facilitators is to prepare our children to take their place in the wider community, facing the future with confidence.

We teach our children to value our British culture and ideals and to understand their place in the community of Middleton and beyond. 

Our children enjoy coming to school and this is reflected in their attendance and love of learning.  Research shows us that children learn in a variety of ways and in a variety of environments.  Therefore, our school offers varied provision through use of the outdoors, as well as interesting and creative resources and staff. 

We follow the Derbyshire Syllabus for Religious education to ensure our children have a well rounded understanding of different religions and beliefs from around the world.  

If you require more information about our curriculum please contact Mrs Dugdale (Headteacher). 



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