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Year 2

Mrs Gooding, Mrs Moffat, 

Mrs Williams (TA)

 Value:  "We value our work, our learning"   

Key Stage 1 Cromford Mills Trip April 2022

The children in Puffins and Kingfishers classes went on a trip to Cromford Mills in April.  The trip had an art focus and throughout the day the children took part in workshops where they created their own artworks whilst learning about famous artists such as Lowry, Goldsworthy and Klee.

Please click here to see a slideshow of their day - School Trips and Visits

Kingfishers have made some fabulous Pirate Ships

What a great start to the year so far! We've looked at traditional tales, tales with a twist, Bonfire night and Halloween poetry and are currently studying the theme: Gunpowder, Treason and Plot! We are really enjoying learning about Guy Fawkes and other key people involved this historic event! We are also loving our maths and forest school activities with Mrs Hadfield, linking our outdoor learning to the classroom themes.


"Lovely friendly supportive staff. Child centred in approach to learning. Work load never seems to overwhelming, fingers crossed this doesn't change!

I know year 2 is mega. Good sense of community."  Parent questionnaire May 2021