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Inspire: "Our friends Inspire us"         

Our School Council were nominated and elected by all the children of our school. They are very busy and add such a lot to our school. We really appreciate all they do.
This year so far...
• They have developed playground resources so that children have more to play with at lunchtime and playtime; they also timetable and organise these so children all have a chance to play.
• After talking with lots of children they organised a 'Fruit Tuck shop' which they run each playtime. This gives all our children the option to have a healthy snack. They also organise the financial side of this including the tuck shop accounts and ordering of stock.
• Mrs Dugdale asked the Council if they would like to add a question to our parental questionnaire. The children chose to ask how our school uses the outdoors and whether we use it enough.
• They helped plan our Summer Fayre.
• The children chose 2 new benches and bins for our playground.

School Council meeting with the Governors Thursday 7th November 2019  

"Thank you for your time and care" Parent questionnaire May 2019