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Falcons Home Learning

Autumn 2020


Hi, if you are reading this, then you are away from school and learning at home.  Below are links and things to do whilst you are away from school. Take care and stay safe.  

Mrs Green


Watch the White Rose videos for the current week (you will need to choose your year group). Or, if you find an area of maths tricky choose a video from the previous year group to watch. For different things to do try BBC Bitesize.


 Visit Science Fun and choose something to make or an experiment to try.  If you make something, write a set of instructions and take a photo of your completed model.  If you try an investigation or experiment, write your method (what you did) and the results you achieved (what happened).  Draw some diagrams to help.

Space Hotel

Imagine you were able to visit and stay anywhere in space, where would you go? Why? Choose somewhere to visit and stay, then design, plan and build a model of a hotel in your chosen location.  What is your hotel called? Why would people want to stay at your hotel? Create a poster advertising your hotel. Explain its features. Don’t forget to show its location on a map!


 Visit Pobble 365 and choose an image from the calendar (‘pick a day’ top right corner of the webpage) Then write about the image. You can write a story, a poem, a song or just describe the picture, you choose – be creative!

Current Topic

Visit the Maya Archaeologist website for lots of fun information about the Ancient Maya civilisation.

Design Your Own Theme Park

Choose a name for your theme park. Choose, design and name your rides. Draw pictures of what each ride will look like.  Create a leaflet to promote and advertise your theme park.

Make a Pop up Book

Find out about your favourite person, place or animal, then create a pop-up book sharing the information. 

How to Save the Environment 

 Our environment and climate are changing rapidly. What can you design that would help the environment? Create poster to showcase your idea.  If you’re feeling brave create a video blog explaining your idea.