1. Key Information
  2. Our Ethos and Values
  3. Value, Inspire, Create Opportunities


"We value each other, our school, our friends our family"

"We value everyone"


"We value friendship"

"We value our work, our learning"

"We value opportunities"


"Make time to do things"

"Having someone to look up to"

"We are inspired to do what we want to do in later life"

"Enjoy school and be happy"


"We inspire each other"

"To feel we can do it"

"Our friends Inspire us"

"Being inspired by the people around us"



Create opportunity

"Have choices with what we do"

 "Career opportunities"

"Having the chance to be happy with your friends"


"The teacher helps you to learn lots in school so you can choose what you want to do in later life"

Whitehall 2018