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2019 - We have once again held an information session for parents of Year 2 and Year 6 children to help them to understand how the SATS testing will be implemented this year.  

Please follow the links below for the SATs Powerpoint presentation from our parental information session held on 12th March 2019.

KS1 - Year 2

KS2 - Year 6  



The way we assess children has not changed, we still talk to children, observe their learning and use summative testing to see how and what children have learned.  However, levels are no longer what children are assessed against.  We now assess children against Age Related Expectations (AREs) in each subject. These show what children should have learnt and understood by the end of each year.  Children will learn at different rates and whilst we will teach specific skills we differentiate this according to your child's needs.  

Attached are the Assessment Without Levels grids, which show what we assess against in English, Maths and Science.     

Reading -      Year 1         Year 2         Year 3         Year 4         Year 5         Year 6

Writing -      Year 1         Year 2         Year 3         Year 4         Year 5         Year 6

Speaking & - Year 1         Year 2         Year 3         Year 4         Year 5         Year 6



Maths -        KS1             KS2


Science -     Year 1 - Year 6


For further information please see our Assessment Policy. 

Please follow these links to view 5 minute videos explaining the new KS1 and KS2 end of year tests and assessments.