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Breakfast Club

"Great Breakfast Club and afterschool activities, wonderful school grounds, very caring and thoughtful staff, fantastic music opportunities - violin, drumming etc."    Parent questionnaire May 2019    

Breakfast club will be held Monday - Friday from 7.45am until school start time from January - by Donna Beresford. The cost of £3 per session (£2.50 for each subsequent sibling) and includes breakfast and care for your child. 

If your child is booked for breakfast club and will not be attending please notify the school office as soon as possible.  If the school office is not notified you will still be charged.

Breakfast Club 25th April to 21st July 2022

Please indicate which days you wish for your child to have a place. This will be for each week from Monday 25th April to Friday 22nd July 2022.