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  2. Personal, Social and Health Education

Personal Health and Social Education

RSE Policy

RSE Statement 

We recognise the prime role of parents/carers in the development of their child’s understanding about relationships and sex. We will notify parents/carers when relationships and sex education will be taught, by school email and dialogue, as needed. We work in active partnership with parents/carers in the development and review of RSE. The schools will ensure that parents/carers are: made aware of the school’s approach and rationale for RSE through the policy; involved in the review of the RSE policy; made aware of the schools’ PSHE curriculum; and are encouraged to support their child in learning at home through shared learning activities, if appropriate. Resources are available for parents/carers to borrow to reinforce learning at home and support them in managing conversations with their children on these issues.

Parents/carers have a legal right to withdraw their children from dedicated sex education lessons delivered outside the science curriculum. They do not have the right to withdraw their children from those aspects of RSE that are taught in National Curriculum Science, Relationships Education or Health Education. If a parent/carer has any concerns about the RSE provision, we will take time to address their concerns and allay any fears they may have. If parents/carers decide to withdraw their child, we shall work with them and their child to explore possible alternative provision.