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Kingfisher Home Learning

Each child has been sent home with a pack of work linking to maths activities, handwriting, spelling practise (common exception words for each year group) and a reading comprehension booklet. Children have also been provided with a number of phonics reading and general book band reading books to keep them occupied! Reminders of passwords for Mymaths and IDL (for those children who use it) have also been included in the home packs.
Mymaths.co.uk and Spag.com homework has been set and will be updated regularly.

Please find below a number of website links that may prove useful - especially physical activity links to help maintain physical, emotional and mental well being during this difficult time

Mrs Gooding and Mrs Moffat. 

Sparkling Good Hygiene

Mrs Moffat - Growing Dahlias

Handwriting Support

GPaS and Writing Support Material

Talk for Writing Booklet


Useful Resources 

Live Lessons

Kingfishers' Ideas for home

Forestry England

The Lego Challenge

· Decorate eggs – make cards
· Play board games
· Junk models
· Baking
· Walking/dog walking
· Watch movies
· Play with toys
· Write a story or poem
· Read more books and read to each other
· Draw pictures, send post, message on phone, facetime, skype
· Make posters
· Dance party (exercise)
· Make and paint models
· Research
· Science experiments
· Diary
· Gardening

  Learn to tell the time

  Learn to tie your shoe laces

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

Physical Activity

Physical Activity


Story Time

Creative Time

Mathematics Activities